06 May 2017

Freebies: May 2017 Desktop Wallpapers

Just quick update.
Been doing nothing in Golden Week holiday, and because I have no plans for the weekends also (actually I should go to the eye doctor right now :P) so I made this 4 desktop wallpaper. #productiveweekends lol

Feel free to take the wallpaper you like, but I would be happy if you left a comment :). I also left a small watermark on the pictures, since I took and edited all the pictures by my self but don't worry, the watermark is small and -I hope- not disturbing at all.

Just click the picture to download, and happy weekends all :)


  1. The pictures are si fresh.. By the way, you should go to the eye doctor but you still have the time to do this lovely work? This work needs your eyes to stare on the screen right? ;)
    #productiveweekends that's cool!

    1. Thank you Intan :)
      Don't worry, I just did a routine eyes-sight check up so basically I almost have no problem with it ;)

  2. Cool post, dear! I really like <3
    I'd be happy friendship blogging ♥ (Subscribe to your blogger)
    Julia Shkvo

    1. Thank you :D, just subscribe to your google+ too♥

  3. Oooh, you're so talented! Love the colors and the vibe is totally spring, very beautiful! <3




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