22 March 2017

Run from Reality at Tokyo Disney Sea Pt.2

Tokyo Disney Sea Ship
Pretty night light

*Caution! Pics heavy
I'm back with the part 2 of our run from reality journey at Tokyo Disney Sea yay!
After a low pace attraction like the Disney show and Venetian Gondolas, we want to rise up our adrenaline. Actually, we really want to ride Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror attraction, but both of the attractions are really popular so the waiting line is very very long and we already desperately tired and hungry.

20 March 2017

Run from Reality at Tokyo Disney Sea Pt.1

Steampunk Disney Explorer Ship
Steampunk Disney Explorer Ship

*Caution! Pics heavy!
It was started as a random midnight chat on Instagram. I just woke up after accidentally slept on sofa and found some messages from my friends. Then I found this Instagram message from my Junior in University, asked me if I still have no plan for the next day which technically that day since I read his message at midnight. Feeling exited because finally someone asked me out on weekend (27 yo single, with almost no plan in every weekends), I immediately replied his chat. We have no idea where we will go, then Tokyo Disney Sea randomly popped out in my brain, and as spontaneous as I am (we Indonesian are very spontaneous) he agreed so we decided to meet up at Hachoubori St. at 8 AM. Which is actually crazy because we decided it at 2 AM lol.

16 March 2017

New Path, New Life

Again, long time no see...
Sorry for not posting for such a long time, but my life were into a huge transition for a couple month and I almost haven't found a right time to write on my blog. In short, I had quit my previous job, move to another city and worked there for a short time before I left the country and moved overseas. Yes, finally I fulfilled my dream to life overseas and currently living and working in Japan.