20 October 2016

Hermo Indonesia: Korean Skincare Haul First Impression


I've been busy in couple last months because I finally got a new job and I got unexpected medicine allergy that made my skin super dry, hoarse and flaky. It feels like I'm wearing egg white mask and forget to washed my face. Since my current skin care almost not helpful at all and I desperately miss my smooth skin *self bragging alert!* so I decided to try some new skincare in hope to solve my skin problem. After spent almost whole of my spare time in Google search for skincare options (well, this is actually a real reason behind my blog hiatus. I just dedicated my free time looking for skincare :P) I choose to try some Korean brand skincare. Why Korean brand? Did I just catch a K-Pop fever? Well, actually not. I already used some Korean brand skincare and happy with the result. They cheap and effective, isn't it sound perfect?!

So, I checked to my favorite Korean cosmetic brand seller Hermo Indonesia site and glad that they have some items on my must-buy skincare list. Something I love from Hermo Indonesia is not only they have heaps of Korean cosmetics brand (oh my God they just brought Cosrx!), but they always offer a great bargain and discount, plus they ship our stuff fast! I'm never gonna be a patient woman, so sometimes online shopping give me nerve, especially when I shop at online shop outside Indonesia. I can't wait to see and tried my stuff and it's not the first time I contact some online shop customer service to make sure they already process and sent my items. P.O systems? No thank you, I'd  rather find another shop.