19 August 2016

My Top 5 Indonesia Local Cosmetics

Clockwise: QL Eyebrow Gel; Mineral Botanica Intensive Vivid Color Liquid Lipstick, Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner; Purbasari Matte Lipstick in Pirus (EC83); Emina Cheek Lit Cream Blush in Pink
Halo! Merdeka!*

I know it's too little too late, but dear fellow Indonesian reader, we still in Independence Day euphoria aren't we? Especially since Badminton mixed doubles team won gold medal in Rio Olympic :D

I'm not Olympic athlete so I won't got any medals but this 5 Indonesian local brand makeup already won my heart. Nothing can beat cheap, good quality cosmetics which easy to get right? ;) Most of them not 100% perfect of course. I found that most of prints will faded away immediately  after I opened the box or the seal.  As you can see, The QL's and Purbasari's print already gone even I just bought it less than two weeks. What about the classy metallic packaging of Wardah EyeXpert liner? Once you peeled the plastic seal, the metal color will fade and 'oxidize' into ugly dull black plastic. But...enough with the bad side, let's start to talk about their awesomeness!

02 August 2016

Falling in Love & Broken Heart


This post will goes very very personal so apologies for some of my reader who looking for fashion or beauty post, but I though I will widen my post variation realized I cannot always make a fashion or beauty related post.

I just got broken heart...for the 12948201386 times. Okay, maybe it's sound extra-grated, but really I just falling in love and voluntary broken my heart, which is pretty normal as a human being.  Pretty normal but come on! No matter how much you falling in love then broken your heart, it's still hurt right? even the hurt level is different per each case. Usually, after you got a broken heart, you promised to your self that "I'll never falling love again,"then you meet other person and 'accidentally' falling in love again.Thus you believe that this time it will be different. This person is 'the one'! and you learned from you past experience tried to not make a same mistake. Alas, different person means different problem, and unfortunately that person isn't 'the one'. You broke your heart again, promised not to falling love again, then falling love again *count how many 'again' I said in this sentence :P*. Endless loop.