29 July 2016

Mini Review: Indonesian Local Eye and Lip Product Haul


Confession: I always be a makeup and skincare hoarder, but there's always be a special place in my heart for eye and lip product. You name it; mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, everything that have any correlated with eye and lip. Even though I already have tons of same item, I just can't handle my desire to buying those stuff over and over again. Maybe I have some problem with my potty training back then haha.

One of the craziest moment is about two month a go before Eid Mubarak holiday, when every Mall had this special sale and you just got the holiday bonus from your office. Everyone knows that sale+yearly bonus is equal with special deadly combo. So here I am, with  bunch of product that waiting for getting a review for months just because I'm too lazy and busy to writing.