29 April 2016

OOTD: Pretty in Red

red hijab dress with sunnies ootd

Hi! Hello! Halo! Hola!
Still in mood of vacation even tough it's almost a month since my company trip and now everyday is raining. It's almost May but the rain haven't stop yet. People on talk about el Nino effect that ruins the 'season schedule' and also our body. But! No time for being gloomy because you can set your mood by wearing bright, outstanding color of clothes.

26 April 2016

Haul and Mini Review : Bandung Beauty Expo 2016

Hello J

Around a month ago I went to beauty expo held in my hometown, Bandung. I’m looking for some Japanese and Indonesian local brands, but unfortunately this year just only one Japanese brand and one Indonesian local brand I looking for had their booth in the expo. Even I didn’t found the brand I’m looking for I’m quite satisfied with the exhibition because I brought lots of good product and freebies ;). Maybe it's too little too late, but I want to share my haul and mini review for all the stuff I got at the expo.

04 April 2016


hijab on beach ootd

Hello :) Welcome April~

Just return from a short vacation that will give me a permanent tan for the next 6 month. Maybe not as bad as last year because this year I wearing hijab that protect my skin from the sun hehe. It doesn't mean I hated being tan (since I already have a tanned skin), but its pain for looking a perfect shade of foundation when you getting darker for a while.