11 March 2016

Stellar Steal: Review Sariayu Inspirasi Papua Mascara

review maskara sariayu

Hello! It's almost a year since my last cosmetics review. This time review is about underrated-but-so-damn-good mascara from Sariayu 2015 Color Trend  "Inspirasi Papua" collection.

Sariayu is one of the prominent cosmetics brand in Indonesia. They offer not only good quality cosmetic with a nice price, the packaging is always awesome and most important, they had 'HALAL' label. Known for launching Indonesian culture themed "Color Trend" every year, the collections always worth to buy. For my international readers, please include this brand into your shopping list when you visited Bali Indonesia :)

Long story short, let's start to the quick review!

01 March 2016

Reborn and Start Over

Hello and even it's already late, Welcome 2016 :)

It's been a long time since my latest post back then in September last year. Around that time, lots of thing happen in my real life. My best best best girlfriend wedding, being sick and stuck, and the most break through, I'm wearing a hijab now, yay! ;).