20 October 2016

Hermo Indonesia: Korean Skincare Haul First Impression


I've been busy in couple last months because I finally got a new job and I got unexpected medicine allergy that made my skin super dry, hoarse and flaky. It feels like I'm wearing egg white mask and forget to washed my face. Since my current skin care almost not helpful at all and I desperately miss my smooth skin *self bragging alert!* so I decided to try some new skincare in hope to solve my skin problem. After spent almost whole of my spare time in Google search for skincare options (well, this is actually a real reason behind my blog hiatus. I just dedicated my free time looking for skincare :P) I choose to try some Korean brand skincare. Why Korean brand? Did I just catch a K-Pop fever? Well, actually not. I already used some Korean brand skincare and happy with the result. They cheap and effective, isn't it sound perfect?!

So, I checked to my favorite Korean cosmetic brand seller Hermo Indonesia site and glad that they have some items on my must-buy skincare list. Something I love from Hermo Indonesia is not only they have heaps of Korean cosmetics brand (oh my God they just brought Cosrx!), but they always offer a great bargain and discount, plus they ship our stuff fast! I'm never gonna be a patient woman, so sometimes online shopping give me nerve, especially when I shop at online shop outside Indonesia. I can't wait to see and tried my stuff and it's not the first time I contact some online shop customer service to make sure they already process and sent my items. P.O systems? No thank you, I'd  rather find another shop.

21 September 2016

Indonesian Fashion Blogger Gathering by Ethica: Fashion Revolution in Digital World

Indonesian Fashion Blogger Gathering by Ethica

This post was about Indonesian Fashion Blogger Gathering event which sponsored by Ethica, one of Indonesia online hijab fashion brand. Since the gathering itself was catering Indonesian market, so I made this post in Bahasa Indonesia :)

Halo, sudah lama semenjak post terakhir saya ya haha. Seperti biasa, sibuk bercampur malas selalu jadi alasan untuk tidak membuat postingan baru :P 

Kali ini saya mau bercerita soal blogger gathering pertama saya yeay! Jadi ceritanya semenjak beberapa bulan yang lalu saya mencoba ikut di komunitas blogger dan kemudian bergabunglah saya di Komunitas Emak Blogger (KEB). Nah, KEB ini punya grup WhatsApp per regional dan dari grup WhatsApp KEB Bandunglah saya tahu soal Indonesian Fashion Blogger Gathering yang disponsori oleh Ethica ini. Penasaran plus pengen ketemu langsung sama orang-orang yang sering ada di grup, akhirnya saya memberanikan diri untuk ikutan (karena saya literally nggak kenal siapa-siapa).

Ketika hari H, cobaan datang. Hujan sama sekali nggak berhenti dari malam sebelumnya dan rasanya jiwa dan raga ini mager, pengennya ngulet seharian di kasur. Ditambah lagi setrika saya mendadak rusak hingga akhirnya saya datang ke gathering pake baju kusut hehe. Gimana ini, acaranya bertema fashion tapi penampilan saya malah gak keruan oh sangat tidak mencerminkan penampilan seorang fashion blogger. Sempat lama nungguin Uber yang ternyata mahal, sampailah saya di In and Out Eatery yang menjadi lokasi acara tepat waktu dan jadi makin minder karena yang datang penampilannya kece-kece. Cuma ya sudah, show must go on!

19 August 2016

My Top 5 Indonesia Local Cosmetics

Clockwise: QL Eyebrow Gel; Mineral Botanica Intensive Vivid Color Liquid Lipstick, Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner; Purbasari Matte Lipstick in Pirus (EC83); Emina Cheek Lit Cream Blush in Pink
Halo! Merdeka!*

I know it's too little too late, but dear fellow Indonesian reader, we still in Independence Day euphoria aren't we? Especially since Badminton mixed doubles team won gold medal in Rio Olympic :D

I'm not Olympic athlete so I won't got any medals but this 5 Indonesian local brand makeup already won my heart. Nothing can beat cheap, good quality cosmetics which easy to get right? ;) Most of them not 100% perfect of course. I found that most of prints will faded away immediately  after I opened the box or the seal.  As you can see, The QL's and Purbasari's print already gone even I just bought it less than two weeks. What about the classy metallic packaging of Wardah EyeXpert liner? Once you peeled the plastic seal, the metal color will fade and 'oxidize' into ugly dull black plastic. But...enough with the bad side, let's start to talk about their awesomeness!

02 August 2016

Falling in Love & Broken Heart


This post will goes very very personal so apologies for some of my reader who looking for fashion or beauty post, but I though I will widen my post variation realized I cannot always make a fashion or beauty related post.

I just got broken heart...for the 12948201386 times. Okay, maybe it's sound extra-grated, but really I just falling in love and voluntary broken my heart, which is pretty normal as a human being.  Pretty normal but come on! No matter how much you falling in love then broken your heart, it's still hurt right? even the hurt level is different per each case. Usually, after you got a broken heart, you promised to your self that "I'll never falling love again,"then you meet other person and 'accidentally' falling in love again.Thus you believe that this time it will be different. This person is 'the one'! and you learned from you past experience tried to not make a same mistake. Alas, different person means different problem, and unfortunately that person isn't 'the one'. You broke your heart again, promised not to falling love again, then falling love again *count how many 'again' I said in this sentence :P*. Endless loop. 

29 July 2016

Mini Review: Indonesian Local Eye and Lip Product Haul


Confession: I always be a makeup and skincare hoarder, but there's always be a special place in my heart for eye and lip product. You name it; mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, everything that have any correlated with eye and lip. Even though I already have tons of same item, I just can't handle my desire to buying those stuff over and over again. Maybe I have some problem with my potty training back then haha.

One of the craziest moment is about two month a go before Eid Mubarak holiday, when every Mall had this special sale and you just got the holiday bonus from your office. Everyone knows that sale+yearly bonus is equal with special deadly combo. So here I am, with  bunch of product that waiting for getting a review for months just because I'm too lazy and busy to writing.

28 June 2016

Mengenai Melajang: Teman Diskusi

Oke, ini mungkin post pertama saya dalam bahasa Indonesia di blog ini, dan sebenarnya isi dari postingan ini sendiri adalah postingan pribadi saya di tumblr dalam edisi polesan. Berhubung postingannya salinan dari tumblr, jadi harap maklum kalau isinya curhatan haha...Niatnya postingan ini mau saya buat berseri, jadi ditunggu komenan dan masukannya :D

Belakangan ini saya berpikir, di usia saya yang sekarang, seharusnya saya seperti teman-teman saya yang lain, sibuk di rumah membina rumah tangga dan mengurus anak-anak bukannya sibuk ngurusin pabrik dan hidup orang (baca: jadi asisten pribadi si Bos). 
Sebenarnya kemarin-kemarin saya sempat tertarik dengan lawan jenis yang kelihatannya potensial, tapi setelah dipikir-pikir lagi, sepertinya nggak dulu deh hahaha, entah kenapa. 

Jadi, sebenarnya saya melajang karena sibuk bekerja, atau sibuk bekerja karena saya melajang? :P

26 May 2016

Mini Review: Japan Cosmetics Haul

Japan cosmetics haul and review May 2016
From left to right: Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil, Canmake Your Lip Only No. 02 &03 , Canmake Liptint Syrup No. 02&03, Canmake Cream Cheek No. 5, Daiso Haruhime Large Powder Brush, Daiso Haruhime Blush Brush.

Hi! Happy End of May (and happy payday for me :P)!!

I always have a soft spot for everything labeled as "made in Japan", especially their cosmetics. Not only because they have best formula with good price, they always took their packaging seriously. Around April this year, my boss back to his country for a while, and since his home country is Japan, I saw an opportunity to bought some of my cosmetics wish list via my boss, so I can save lots for tax and shipping fee lol. There's some hit and miss since I didn't bought by my self ( I actually planned to buy online and borrow his Japan address, but he insisted to asked his daughter to directly bought my list), but I'm very happy and grateful for having such a very nice and sweet old man as my boss. So far the product I bought is okay even though there some item has been wrong or not look good on me. Long story short, lets take a look!

21 May 2016

My Spring Style Essential: Floral Print and Casual Pants

My spring ultimate style

It's already May, and in lots of four seasons country, May means Spring yay!! I live in equator area, so there's no spring here since we only have two seasons but! May-June is beginning of Dry Season. For me, dry season is equal with spring, because most of flowers bloom in dry season, and I also can throw my sweater and change it into more light and colorful clothes :) *clap hands*

29 April 2016

OOTD: Pretty in Red

red hijab dress with sunnies ootd

Hi! Hello! Halo! Hola!
Still in mood of vacation even tough it's almost a month since my company trip and now everyday is raining. It's almost May but the rain haven't stop yet. People on talk about el Nino effect that ruins the 'season schedule' and also our body. But! No time for being gloomy because you can set your mood by wearing bright, outstanding color of clothes.

26 April 2016

Haul and Mini Review : Bandung Beauty Expo 2016

Hello J

Around a month ago I went to beauty expo held in my hometown, Bandung. I’m looking for some Japanese and Indonesian local brands, but unfortunately this year just only one Japanese brand and one Indonesian local brand I looking for had their booth in the expo. Even I didn’t found the brand I’m looking for I’m quite satisfied with the exhibition because I brought lots of good product and freebies ;). Maybe it's too little too late, but I want to share my haul and mini review for all the stuff I got at the expo.

04 April 2016


hijab on beach ootd

Hello :) Welcome April~

Just return from a short vacation that will give me a permanent tan for the next 6 month. Maybe not as bad as last year because this year I wearing hijab that protect my skin from the sun hehe. It doesn't mean I hated being tan (since I already have a tanned skin), but its pain for looking a perfect shade of foundation when you getting darker for a while.

11 March 2016

Stellar Steal: Review Sariayu Inspirasi Papua Mascara

review maskara sariayu

Hello! It's almost a year since my last cosmetics review. This time review is about underrated-but-so-damn-good mascara from Sariayu 2015 Color Trend  "Inspirasi Papua" collection.

Sariayu is one of the prominent cosmetics brand in Indonesia. They offer not only good quality cosmetic with a nice price, the packaging is always awesome and most important, they had 'HALAL' label. Known for launching Indonesian culture themed "Color Trend" every year, the collections always worth to buy. For my international readers, please include this brand into your shopping list when you visited Bali Indonesia :)

Long story short, let's start to the quick review!

01 March 2016

Reborn and Start Over

Hello and even it's already late, Welcome 2016 :)

It's been a long time since my latest post back then in September last year. Around that time, lots of thing happen in my real life. My best best best girlfriend wedding, being sick and stuck, and the most break through, I'm wearing a hijab now, yay! ;).