10 September 2015

Weekender: ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sand Singapore

*Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love this place so much that’s why I made a post about it :)

Sorry for being MIA (again) lately. Actually almost nothing happen but yeah, let’s go straight to the post :) *to the point woman*

I traveled to Singapore a couple weeks ago, around third weekend of the August. Literally a weekender because I usually only have free day on Saturday and Sunday (and sometimes, Sunday only), I choose Singapore as my weekend gateway. It’s near from my hometown (about 1hour 50 minutes flight) and the flight ticket is cheap. I got all round ticket for about USD 45, much cheaper than one way Shinkansen ticket from Niigata to Tokyo haha.

Because I only have two days to spent, so I actually didn’t go anywhere except around Marina and Orchad Road area. For day first, I already booked a ticket for an exhibiton at ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sand so I spent almost all of my day there except for a short glimpse into Garden by the Bay at evening.

ArtScience Museum is very unique building, shaped as a Lotus flower in the middle of a pond, surrounded by real lotus. Lotus could mean knowledge and wisdom in Asian culture, so they probably took its philosophy for the building architecture. As a ‘Lotus’ myself (Padma mean Lotus in Sanskrit), I cannot stop cam-whoring and took the pictures of the building, absolutely got charmed. The building isn’t too large, but still spacious and for me, they seem can maximize every potential spot. Unfortunately I cannot explore the building since I came at evening and the museum is about to close, but my favorite’s spot are the little pond in the middle of building and the Lotus Pound surrounded the building.  

ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sand has lots of interesting exhibition. .“THE DEEP”, an exhibition I saw at ArtScience Museum, was an exhibition about the creatures of deep sea. They show lots of deep sea creatures preserved body, like fish, jelly fish, squid, etc. and lots of information about the deep sea itself, like how human was ruin the deep sea (and sea) habitat with our greediness. There’s also Dreamworks™ exhibition when I visited the museum, but the ticket quite expensive so I skipped it, but they also have free exhibitions in another floors. Most of exhibitions are temporary, so you better check the schedule before you visit the museum you can check on the site, but I think it’s okay if you don’t check the schedule and pick the exhibition in random because you won’t disappointed. The ArtScience Museum not free, you must pay to enter the exhibition, but its worth of visit.

Now tell me, do you also a weekender too? What do you do at your free day?

The only picture that turn ugly at black and white. Sorry for break the harmony :P

Check ArtScience Museum website HERE

*Sorry for the ugly watermarks on most of my photos, but I love my photos (narcissistic alert) and became very sad when someone else claimed mine (yes, I’m a possessive.Thank you) 


  1. sounds like such a fun day! would love to check out an exhibition on sea life! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. Amazing! You write so interesting posts and make very beautiful photos! Like your blog! Keep doing it!

    Diana Cloudlet

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  5. Such a great place dear! And I love this museum too ^^ Thanks for sharing to us! Would you like to support each other, by follow via GFC &G+ ? If yes, let me know when you follow me and I follow you back after it!

    Kisses From,
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