03 August 2015

Pretty Preppy

Hello, long time no post ^^;
First, I want to apologies to all my readers and followers, especially for the peoples left the comment on my post. For one and another reasons, I shut my self down for almost a whole month from online activities.
Actually, until around end of last month, I was very exciting about blogging and other online activities. I encouraged my self to enter an online fashion competition from one of Japan large media company and had lots of plans for July blog post but suddenly I lost my interest and started to avoid blogger. I can’t tell more about the main reason, but it was something bug me very bad, crossed my principal. I choose to pressed ‘pause’ button and think again about this blog. To be honest, I’m still afraid to blogging but well, life goes on and I must move on, trying to make this blog back to the track. Everything that happened on us actually the best lecture in life ;) Don't worry, I will gradually back to the blogging world :) 

The photos in this post actually made for a competition held by one of  Japan large media company. They held a competition, looking for “Kawaii (cute) Leader” to promote about Japanese fashion and culture. I always admired Japanese Fashion, the main reason why I choose Japanese Language as my major in university is because I wanting to study about fashion in Japan, but I’m too poor to afford those expensive fashion school (and not that smart to get Monbukagakusho Scholarship) so my naive brain thought “If I can speak good Japanese, maybe I could go to Japan and working at Japan fashion world,”. Eight years later, I’m working at one *quite* big Japanese trading company as an interpreter for their garment factory (and my Japanese is so so, not that good haha). Not in Japan and not on that glamorous side of fashion world, but at least I’m one step closer hahaha.

Back to the competition, the theme is “Kawaii Mix” and actually, I’m little bit hesitate because, First: I already left my ‘bizarre’ style era and second (and the main factor): I’m far from ‘kawaii’ image. I was spent lot of nights thinking about what kind of ‘kawaii mix’ I should do. Gothic or over-the-top gals aren’t my taste and I think I already too old to dress like a porcelain doll or put fancy decoration on my hair (and clothes). When I open my wardrobe my eyes stumbled to a maroon school blazer I used to wear in heavy rotation in my university era. Back then I mostly dressed up in casual Harajuku style (Zipper, Cutie, and style-arena were my fashion hero), then I was like, “Why I don’t mix casual boyish with girly preppy style like something I used to saw on those magazines?”

The maroon blazer, the ribbon and red plastic pumps give a preppy, girly vibe while the blue shirt and boyfriend jeans brought the boyish feeling. I thought it was something that very casual and applicable even for not a girl not yet a woman in mid 20s. It’s cute but not overly cute and unique without looking weird. Very me! And wearing that blazer gives me a nostalgic feeling. I used to be that bold girl with weird style and after graduated and working turn into pale nude woman. I didn’t win the competition but it’s okay because at least I have tried and made me want to dress up more stand out like I was do at my university days J


Ps: I just read that Cutie will suspend their 26 years publishing after this year September issue (Published at August 9). Sad to heard that one of my favorite magazine, my fashion text-book when I was young will have gone.

Blazer: Vintage//Shirt: friend's own//Jeans: Lea//
Bag: Miss Selfridge //Shoes: Catwalk//Necklace: Japan

Pictures taken by June Paski


  1. Nice preppy style! And keep blogging, don't give up, sometimes it's really hard but it will pay off someday:)

    mynameiskristina blog
    // bloglovin

    1. Thank you♡
      Yes, it's sometimes very challenging but fun after all :))

  2. Preppy style is so sweet))


  3. You look so cute ! I'm totally in love with this look.


  4. That's a good look! ;)
    Have a nice weekend :)

    I follow you!
    If you comment my two posts, I will comment your five posts! :)

  5. Hi, Padoma!
    I am very happy to see swingingpadma♡♡♡
    The outfit is perfect, the blazer is so cool, and ribbon is cute!
    I was also sad that cutie suspend publication...
    So I asked that ex-editors to republish!

    Have a lovely weekend, Padoma♡


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