03 August 2015

Pretty Preppy

Hello, long time no post ^^;
First, I want to apologies to all my readers and followers, especially for the peoples left the comment on my post. For one and another reasons, I shut my self down for almost a whole month from online activities.
Actually, until around end of last month, I was very exciting about blogging and other online activities. I encouraged my self to enter an online fashion competition from one of Japan large media company and had lots of plans for July blog post but suddenly I lost my interest and started to avoid blogger. I can’t tell more about the main reason, but it was something bug me very bad, crossed my principal. I choose to pressed ‘pause’ button and think again about this blog. To be honest, I’m still afraid to blogging but well, life goes on and I must move on, trying to make this blog back to the track. Everything that happened on us actually the best lecture in life ;) Don't worry, I will gradually back to the blogging world :)