26 June 2015

Cheap-but-Chich Wedding Dress at Ericdress


My best friend will married this October and actually, her wedding making me little bit nervous about my future. I’m single and not looking (but accept offers and quotation) but since lots of peoples around me getting married lately, the idea about wedding also struck on my head. I must admit I gasped when I heard how much she spent for her wedding dress. Most of women dream about her wedding dress, wanting to become a beautiful princess on her special day but when she said her wedding dress cost almost $1000, my dream shattered. No way I’ll spend $1000 only for a wedding dress (I’m so stingy frugal I prefer a catering which already include the venue rent/give a free venue rent). Some prefer to rent, but it also out of my option since the rent price it self quite expensive (start from ard $300 in my country) and I have a petite, no bust figure so looking for a fit rental wedding dress is equal to mission impossible.

23 June 2015

Lazy Summer

June is almost over, and as close to the core of summer, days become hotter and hotter. In hot day, the last think pass on my brain is to dress up since actually I just want to lie down on my room and set the fan on highest mode with tank top and short. What a perfect plan!!

17 June 2015

Simple People

Hi!! I am back after more than two weeks M.I.A :D

About more than a week I went to the textile factory in the middle of nowhere without proper internet access as a technical interpreter. My basic is garment so at first I went blank and got overwhelmed with all the textile terminologies (and temporary deaf because all the noisy machines) but at the end I got brand new knowledge and vocabularies about textile both in Indonesian & Japanese and meet cute technician also lots of bread since the factory owner also have  bread factory, yummy!! Thanks for my boss for giving me a very great opportunities to met new peoples and learn lot of new things from them.