28 April 2015

Yellow Sunshine

I love bright colors. My desk is full with colorful stuff. Shocking pink folder, bright blue and mint color binders, purple name card holder, you name it. I also love to wearing bright color on my lips because for me bright lipstick could give you a fresh, polished look without too much effort (lazy girl here). My latest favorite is a matte, fuchsia lipstick which give me a fresh, typically Disney's villain face instantly.

18 April 2015

Stripped: Monochrome Boyish

Sorry for the lazy tittle.
So, here the sequel post from my last post. Last time, I tried too hard to be as cute as Japanese girl in Larme style, and I realized that I'm far from those 'cute' stereotype, or like June said, " More Lou than Audrey". Yeah, more Lou than Audrey, more Ashley (Simpson) than Jessica (Simpson), more Rihanna than Beyonce, more Meisa (Kuroki) than Maki (Horikita). I don't know about the Kadarshian since I don't follow their show, but maybe you got the idea :D

15 April 2015

Stripped: Monochromatic Girly Girl

Another fashion snap post!

Lately, I found there was a new trend in Japanese fashion, started by a bi-monthly magazine Larme, its even called as Larme-Kei a ka Larme style. The style it self is very girly and lovely, kind a mix of Mori girl style, fairy style, little bit Lolita style in casual touch. The dominant color are pastels, but there also black-and-white color combination. To be honest, a girly style like Larme-Kei is far from my ordinary style, I prefer to be sleek and casual, but when I saw a black/white coordination on the magazine, somehow it made me want to try those style and break my fashion comfort zone. In fact, after I tried to implemented Larme style on my fashion snap, I felt kind of funny yet interesting. It was absolutely NOT my style. My friend June, who also took all the pictures here, agree that cute, girly style is not match with my goofy personality. We took lots of pictures, but she ended up saying,

"I think you more Lou(Doillon) than Audrey (Tautou). Let's change that skirt into your usual skinny jeans and take another photos,". 

Ps: Another version will appear on the next post :))

10 April 2015

Journey + OOTD : Putri Island


So last week, after months of chronic beach fever, I finally went to the beach!*and became more tanned and sexy like Rihanna*.
My office held a company trip to Putri Island, one of the resort island at Kepulauan Seribu territory (Eng. Thousand Island-name of place, not mayonnaise). Kepulauan Seribu has lots of beautiful island, I almost cannot believe it just need 2 hours by boat from the scary-dirty-disgusting Jakarta beach.