28 March 2015

Rocky Lake

What do you think when you heard about Stone Mine? a dark, scary and dirty place?  
Here in Kampung Batu (Stone Village), they changed an ex-stone mine into a tourist attraction.
For a years, rain fill the mine large hole, made a small lake. Today, you can fishing, ride a swan boat, or like me, take some photograph.
Kampung Batu also have a mini attractions, restaurant and swimming pool. My favorite is a deer farm. You can see cute deer and feed them. The place it self only about 45 minutes from the downtown, but has different ambiance. So refreshing!!

12 March 2015

Worth to Splurge : Shu Uemura Poreraser UV Under Base Mousse

Long time no see~ Forgive my laziness for neglecting this blog for more than a month.
Today I want to make some quick review (because I'm bad at words) about my current HG make up base *drums rolls*

Shu Uemura Poreraser UV Under Base Mousse in Beige

The Super Base!