24 January 2015

1000 Times Viewed Video!!

Warning! This post is full of self bragging. Read by your own risk.

Like most of modern people, the first thing I do when I woke up is checking my smartphone, so today, like another day, I automatically reach my smartphone (which technically lay beside me) when I saw a notification from YouTube in my lock screen said "Your Video Already Watched 1000 times"(or something like that, my English is poor, ikr) and I suddenly getting confused. What kind of my video that can reach 1000 viewer? Like, I only upload some lame video me singing, covering Japanese pop-stars songs.

19 January 2015

Friendship : Good Food and Delicious Gossip

Girls *_*.Left-Right: Winull, me, Oin, Mae. Pic by Diaz, Mae BF
Last Saturday was one of the most fun in this year so far (and its just start about 2 weeks, so it wasn't 100% valid) because I finally can met my bestiest since High School after lots of schedule clash and whatsoever.
After change date and place, we finally met at Maxi's, one of hippest restaurant in Bandung because Mae and his boyfriend were looking for they wedding venue (which tbh, made me feel so old) and Maxi's quiet popular as outdoor wedding venue. Winull and Oin came one hour late because this place is actually damn sooo far(located at Ciumbuleuit), not as far as Dago Pakar or Cihideung but still far, and the traffic is crazy, especially at weekend. Mae took his boyfriend not just because they were hunting for the location but also to introduce him to us.

08 January 2015

Project Pan (2015 Cosmetics and Skin Care Diet Programs)

My dresser. Could you count how many body lotion(&cream) and hand cream I had?
Today I just found out about something called 'Project Pan' when I did some blog walking (I know I'm so late). This year I want to control my impulse-compulsive buying behavior and I think 'Project Pan' is one solution for my problem (finger crossed).

Simple explanation about 'Project Pan'; this project is about to use the cosmetics or/and skin care you have until it hit the pan/became an empty bottle while avoid buying more cosmetics or/and skin care except the product you really need to buy.

07 January 2015

Food and Friendship

We loved each other! Yeay 両思い<3
I tried to make un-cheesy blog title, but I'm hopeless, so excuse my lack of senses blog title and let's move to the post (which is also cheesy :P)

I spent most of my New Year holiday by lying in bed, playing games on PC (The Sims 2 FTW), and cooked something when I'm in a good mood, but at Saturday I decided to move my butt and went to Mall to met on of my friend, Mae (from Maemunah :P)

06 January 2015

2015 aaaand....

Happy New Year 2015 *\(^o^)/*

So, what's going on in 2014?
I realized that I spent lots of time in 2014 for work haha, like everybody else, but I also learned how to slow my pace and loose my tense just a little. I finally understood that you can still have a leisure even you had lots of thing to be done. Like, after work for more than 2 year without took my annual leave, I took one day leave for watching Perfume (my favorite Japanese artist ever) concert in Singapore. 
In other side, I felt there is some declined in my work quality, so I decided to work more seriously (but in more relaxed way) this year.