10 September 2015

Weekender: ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sand Singapore

*Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love this place so much that’s why I made a post about it :)

Sorry for being MIA (again) lately. Actually almost nothing happen but yeah, let’s go straight to the post :) *to the point woman*

I traveled to Singapore a couple weeks ago, around third weekend of the August. Literally a weekender because I usually only have free day on Saturday and Sunday (and sometimes, Sunday only), I choose Singapore as my weekend gateway. It’s near from my hometown (about 1hour 50 minutes flight) and the flight ticket is cheap. I got all round ticket for about USD 45, much cheaper than one way Shinkansen ticket from Niigata to Tokyo haha.

03 August 2015

Pretty Preppy

Hello, long time no post ^^;
First, I want to apologies to all my readers and followers, especially for the peoples left the comment on my post. For one and another reasons, I shut my self down for almost a whole month from online activities.
Actually, until around end of last month, I was very exciting about blogging and other online activities. I encouraged my self to enter an online fashion competition from one of Japan large media company and had lots of plans for July blog post but suddenly I lost my interest and started to avoid blogger. I can’t tell more about the main reason, but it was something bug me very bad, crossed my principal. I choose to pressed ‘pause’ button and think again about this blog. To be honest, I’m still afraid to blogging but well, life goes on and I must move on, trying to make this blog back to the track. Everything that happened on us actually the best lecture in life ;) Don't worry, I will gradually back to the blogging world :) 

26 June 2015

Cheap-but-Chich Wedding Dress at Ericdress


My best friend will married this October and actually, her wedding making me little bit nervous about my future. I’m single and not looking (but accept offers and quotation) but since lots of peoples around me getting married lately, the idea about wedding also struck on my head. I must admit I gasped when I heard how much she spent for her wedding dress. Most of women dream about her wedding dress, wanting to become a beautiful princess on her special day but when she said her wedding dress cost almost $1000, my dream shattered. No way I’ll spend $1000 only for a wedding dress (I’m so stingy frugal I prefer a catering which already include the venue rent/give a free venue rent). Some prefer to rent, but it also out of my option since the rent price it self quite expensive (start from ard $300 in my country) and I have a petite, no bust figure so looking for a fit rental wedding dress is equal to mission impossible.

23 June 2015

Lazy Summer

June is almost over, and as close to the core of summer, days become hotter and hotter. In hot day, the last think pass on my brain is to dress up since actually I just want to lie down on my room and set the fan on highest mode with tank top and short. What a perfect plan!!

17 June 2015

Simple People

Hi!! I am back after more than two weeks M.I.A :D

About more than a week I went to the textile factory in the middle of nowhere without proper internet access as a technical interpreter. My basic is garment so at first I went blank and got overwhelmed with all the textile terminologies (and temporary deaf because all the noisy machines) but at the end I got brand new knowledge and vocabularies about textile both in Indonesian & Japanese and meet cute technician also lots of bread since the factory owner also have  bread factory, yummy!! Thanks for my boss for giving me a very great opportunities to met new peoples and learn lot of new things from them.

28 May 2015

First Day of Summer

Forgive my laziness for not posting anything for more than a week, but well, you now, work etc. *no excuse tbh*

Summer is coming!! Even I live in tropical land end of May until end of August is always going to be the hottest months in a year. Rains finally stop and we can say hello to the dry season.  Finally I could wearing every shoes and sandals (except boots) I want, compared to the rainy season when I only can wear rubber shoes. I mean, they’re pretty but I want to wear my leather shoes or PVC sandals without afraid rains will destroyed them. So yay!! But to be honest, I dislike heat so…well; it’s always dilemmatic hahaha…

14 May 2015

Pretending Game : Resort Lady

Happy May everybody ♡

May is identical with holiday.When you checked the calendar, you probably could see lots of red number, means a holidays!!Yeay!! (at least in my country).  Lots of people already booked a flight to popular holiday destination or drive to nearest beach.

09 May 2015

Chasing the Sun at Moko Hill

Hello :))

No fashion related post this time. I would love to take some fashion snap but the weather is not so nice lately. Heavy rain and cloudy day, a bad combination for taking pictures.

Instead, I will post about the sunset at the hill which is quite popular at my hometown. Puncak Bintang (Star Peak) or also called Moko Hill. Lots of people (mostly youngster) spend the night here by seeing the city view and starry sky. You can visit Moko Hill anytime, but the best time is at evening, around 5 PM so you can catch the sunset. The sunset is so pretty I don't even need to edit the pictures (because my camera coloring is not to good) except for re-sized. Unfortunately when I came that day, the sky is little bit cloudy so I can't catch the sunset perfectly. I took the pictures quite a long time a go (about last month), perhaps the weather and the sky already changed now :)

28 April 2015

Yellow Sunshine

I love bright colors. My desk is full with colorful stuff. Shocking pink folder, bright blue and mint color binders, purple name card holder, you name it. I also love to wearing bright color on my lips because for me bright lipstick could give you a fresh, polished look without too much effort (lazy girl here). My latest favorite is a matte, fuchsia lipstick which give me a fresh, typically Disney's villain face instantly.

18 April 2015

Stripped: Monochrome Boyish

Sorry for the lazy tittle.
So, here the sequel post from my last post. Last time, I tried too hard to be as cute as Japanese girl in Larme style, and I realized that I'm far from those 'cute' stereotype, or like June said, " More Lou than Audrey". Yeah, more Lou than Audrey, more Ashley (Simpson) than Jessica (Simpson), more Rihanna than Beyonce, more Meisa (Kuroki) than Maki (Horikita). I don't know about the Kadarshian since I don't follow their show, but maybe you got the idea :D

15 April 2015

Stripped: Monochromatic Girly Girl

Another fashion snap post!

Lately, I found there was a new trend in Japanese fashion, started by a bi-monthly magazine Larme, its even called as Larme-Kei a ka Larme style. The style it self is very girly and lovely, kind a mix of Mori girl style, fairy style, little bit Lolita style in casual touch. The dominant color are pastels, but there also black-and-white color combination. To be honest, a girly style like Larme-Kei is far from my ordinary style, I prefer to be sleek and casual, but when I saw a black/white coordination on the magazine, somehow it made me want to try those style and break my fashion comfort zone. In fact, after I tried to implemented Larme style on my fashion snap, I felt kind of funny yet interesting. It was absolutely NOT my style. My friend June, who also took all the pictures here, agree that cute, girly style is not match with my goofy personality. We took lots of pictures, but she ended up saying,

"I think you more Lou(Doillon) than Audrey (Tautou). Let's change that skirt into your usual skinny jeans and take another photos,". 

Ps: Another version will appear on the next post :))

10 April 2015

Journey + OOTD : Putri Island


So last week, after months of chronic beach fever, I finally went to the beach!*and became more tanned and sexy like Rihanna*.
My office held a company trip to Putri Island, one of the resort island at Kepulauan Seribu territory (Eng. Thousand Island-name of place, not mayonnaise). Kepulauan Seribu has lots of beautiful island, I almost cannot believe it just need 2 hours by boat from the scary-dirty-disgusting Jakarta beach.

28 March 2015

Rocky Lake

What do you think when you heard about Stone Mine? a dark, scary and dirty place?  
Here in Kampung Batu (Stone Village), they changed an ex-stone mine into a tourist attraction.
For a years, rain fill the mine large hole, made a small lake. Today, you can fishing, ride a swan boat, or like me, take some photograph.
Kampung Batu also have a mini attractions, restaurant and swimming pool. My favorite is a deer farm. You can see cute deer and feed them. The place it self only about 45 minutes from the downtown, but has different ambiance. So refreshing!!

12 March 2015

Worth to Splurge : Shu Uemura Poreraser UV Under Base Mousse

Long time no see~ Forgive my laziness for neglecting this blog for more than a month.
Today I want to make some quick review (because I'm bad at words) about my current HG make up base *drums rolls*

Shu Uemura Poreraser UV Under Base Mousse in Beige

The Super Base!

24 January 2015

1000 Times Viewed Video!!

Warning! This post is full of self bragging. Read by your own risk.

Like most of modern people, the first thing I do when I woke up is checking my smartphone, so today, like another day, I automatically reach my smartphone (which technically lay beside me) when I saw a notification from YouTube in my lock screen said "Your Video Already Watched 1000 times"(or something like that, my English is poor, ikr) and I suddenly getting confused. What kind of my video that can reach 1000 viewer? Like, I only upload some lame video me singing, covering Japanese pop-stars songs.

19 January 2015

Friendship : Good Food and Delicious Gossip

Girls *_*.Left-Right: Winull, me, Oin, Mae. Pic by Diaz, Mae BF
Last Saturday was one of the most fun in this year so far (and its just start about 2 weeks, so it wasn't 100% valid) because I finally can met my bestiest since High School after lots of schedule clash and whatsoever.
After change date and place, we finally met at Maxi's, one of hippest restaurant in Bandung because Mae and his boyfriend were looking for they wedding venue (which tbh, made me feel so old) and Maxi's quiet popular as outdoor wedding venue. Winull and Oin came one hour late because this place is actually damn sooo far(located at Ciumbuleuit), not as far as Dago Pakar or Cihideung but still far, and the traffic is crazy, especially at weekend. Mae took his boyfriend not just because they were hunting for the location but also to introduce him to us.

08 January 2015

Project Pan (2015 Cosmetics and Skin Care Diet Programs)

My dresser. Could you count how many body lotion(&cream) and hand cream I had?
Today I just found out about something called 'Project Pan' when I did some blog walking (I know I'm so late). This year I want to control my impulse-compulsive buying behavior and I think 'Project Pan' is one solution for my problem (finger crossed).

Simple explanation about 'Project Pan'; this project is about to use the cosmetics or/and skin care you have until it hit the pan/became an empty bottle while avoid buying more cosmetics or/and skin care except the product you really need to buy.

07 January 2015

Food and Friendship

We loved each other! Yeay 両思い<3
I tried to make un-cheesy blog title, but I'm hopeless, so excuse my lack of senses blog title and let's move to the post (which is also cheesy :P)

I spent most of my New Year holiday by lying in bed, playing games on PC (The Sims 2 FTW), and cooked something when I'm in a good mood, but at Saturday I decided to move my butt and went to Mall to met on of my friend, Mae (from Maemunah :P)

06 January 2015

2015 aaaand....

Happy New Year 2015 *\(^o^)/*

So, what's going on in 2014?
I realized that I spent lots of time in 2014 for work haha, like everybody else, but I also learned how to slow my pace and loose my tense just a little. I finally understood that you can still have a leisure even you had lots of thing to be done. Like, after work for more than 2 year without took my annual leave, I took one day leave for watching Perfume (my favorite Japanese artist ever) concert in Singapore. 
In other side, I felt there is some declined in my work quality, so I decided to work more seriously (but in more relaxed way) this year.