03 December 2014

(Journey) Japan Part 1 : Overview

Hello from tropical island :))

It's already December again, which mean Winter already started on the north part of Earth.
Talk about winter, it's made me remember about my first winter in Japan almost two years ago.
My first snow!YAY!

So, two years ago I got an opportunity to visit Japan in winter for work training. The factory for training located in Niigata prefecture, but I also had opportunities to visit Tokyo twice and also Osaka.

02 December 2014


Finally 25!

Last Saturday finally I'd became 25 years old. Old huh? haha, but my face still 17 la~
nothing special with my 25 birthday party, just lunch with my family, my grandma and my cousin at Sundanese restaurant near my area. No birthday cake, no candles, no present haha.
Ignore my lil' brother. He's something called little evil

Half eaten. Sundanese foods, yummy!!

Being 25 with some unexpected thing happens in my life made me think, that we can make a plan,
but sometimes the truth is kind of different. If you ask 17 years old me, how my life when I'm 25, maybe my answer would be married with two little kiddies, and working as a fashion designer or teacher. In fact, I'm 25 and being single, without boyfriend nor plan about marriage, working in factory as an interpreter (something that I avoid when I'm in Uni). Most of my friend and cousins are already married and have a kid or two, so sometimes I must admit that I feel the pressure, but right now my focus is on my career and personal life.

Talk about being 25, this year I got lots of first experiences. First credit cards, first gym membership, first yoga class, first solo trip, first facial treatment, and first Perfume concert. Many thing happen that made me got those adulthood experience, and even in other side I felt little bit afraid, after I all I'm soooo exciting

My hope for the next step of my life? Happy life, happy love, and happy job



Up Left-Bottom Right : My cousin,youngest brother, Grandma, Dad, Mom, 2nd young brother, First young brother

27 November 2014

7 years and there is nothing, + Story from Pasar seni ITB 2014

Just do some blogwalking and found out lots of interesting Japanese blogger, then something bugging me so I opened my blogger and edited my profile. When I check the web preview, I saw a words that saying I'm already in blogger since 2007. It means it had been, 7 years? Seriously? And I never posted anything except some rubish post haha...
Made a promised to post on blogger more often but than got lazy. I even don't post a lot on tumblr lately. But well, it already 7 years and after saw some Japanese blog, maybe I will try once again to post about something here..

13 March 2014

Hello from Mars

Sorry for neglected this blog for a long time.
I had lost in Mars in this last 2 years.
Okay I lie.
The main reason is I  get hooked to tumblr and enjoying posting there, 
but lately I want to write a blog more serious and then, I decided to back to blogger. 
At the first I want to make this blog as a fashion blog, but now  I thing I want to write about everything.
It's very hard for me to make a commitment so I hope I can posting about lot of thing from now.

Oh, and if somewhere out there interest to meet me on other world a.k.a another social media platform,