10 April 2012

My Aya Matsuura cover-Zutto suki ii desuka

My latest video. Another cover song of course. I have no talent at playing any musical instrument. In this video, I cover a song from Aya Matsuura, an idol singer from Japan. Still lot of mistake thought. Please enjoy ^^.

02 April 2012

Pinky Dress-Remake

Around 2 month a go, I made some remake, including this little soft pink dress.
This is the look before
sorry for bad pic. and messy room

 And this is the result. Pretty enough, I guest.

Dress,Bracelet, and Necklace : DIY
Shoes : Payless

Bad mood and bad lighting. I just try a new camera and do a photo shoot in hurry. I even just do a basic photoshop.My skin look so tanned and I think I looked like the Indian.I must admit, this is an epic fail of photo shoot. No more stupid photo shoot after this, I swear.


30 March 2012

DIY Idea : Jeremy Scott Denim Skirt

What a cute skirt, and a great idea. Seems I can, and will do some DIY based from this Jeremy Scott denim skirt. 

picture : style.com

06 March 2012

My New Layout

Here I came after a long time with no post. 
I decided to re-styling my blog layout, because I think my old design just to simple and blah...
Actually it haven't finish yet, I still need to fix my menu bar by adding a link into it, but I'm just too lazy to do it ^^;.

So, what do you think about my blog layout? 



21 February 2012

The Forgotten

I'm not expert in English, so please ignore the title..
For more than couples month a go, I won the giveaway from laurita. I promise to post my winning post, but I always forget to post, shame on me. 
I really love the planner. It's cute and in a compact size, so I can easily bring it everywhere. I love how the planner illustration is going with the season. Totally cute ^^.

Thanks for Laurita for giving me this planner ^^

and before I forget, I decided to take a part in Japan Foundation KaraOK Competition 2012, as a part of my 2012-out from the comfort zone- challenge.
Here is the video, please check m(_ _)m
comment, critics, and like are totally loved



07 February 2012

Sunday mad day

A long time since I went to PVJ, and at Sunday I went there because the big sale was held. Mango, Zara, Topshop, Sogo, you named it. I found my HG at Zara, a cute and sexy sequin baby doll, but the price still blah even they discount it. fyi, in my country a brand like Mango, Zara, and Topshop can categorized as a 'semi'premium brand, since the price in IDR currency is still unaffordable.

uber cute~but the price...

So, I decided to go to Pasar Baru (a fabric and handycraft supply district) this week to find some fabric to make a semi copy of that baby doll and also to make a peplum shirt. 

Talk about the peplum shirt, a peplum thingy is really in now, and I remember got a blue peplum shirt at thrift store couple years a go, and I really into it, but sadly my mom without uncertainly reason, turn it into a rag. yeah, a RAG. so since it come back to the world, I will make another peplum shirt. Here's a memento for my peplum shirt tragic life. 

Me at my Uni era..with a pony and boots. I miss the boots too
So..I went shopping for buy a dress and end up bought a trouser for work. I usually tailored my pants because my size is around 24-25 and the shop just offer 26 size above, but this pant have an elastic so it's fits enough on my hip. No photo sorry. And also, since I'm a cosmetic junkie, I bought a max factor pressed powder. I love it, except the smell.


12 January 2012

Bronze pearl

My brand new bronze, Giordano Gold bronze from Swedish Make Up and Skin Care brand, Oriflame. I love how it make a natural radiance on my -over yellow toned- face. It's really make my face fresh and healthy, no over glow disco ball effect. The only meh of this product is the packaging. Even it's seems to looked glamors, actually it's really cheap, and too big for my pouch, so I put half of the pearl bronze into small travel jar. But so far, I like this bronze so much.