03 June 2017

SPRiNG Magazine Freebies Review

I used to had unhealthy obsession with magazine when I was in Junior and Senior High School. Back then, popular teen magazine like Seventeen, Cosmogirl, or Gogirl always had a cool freebies in almost every edition and me, even as a poor student spent all the money my parents gave to me for bought those magazines every month simply for collected their bonuses. Fast forward, my obsession towards magazine seems cured thanks to internet and also because I grown up and most of woman magazine so boring they almost never include any freebies. Unfortunately my obsession relapsed after I'm moving to Japan, because Japanese magazines freebies are whole different level. Like this makeup set I've got from June 2017 edition that being sold on May of SPRiNG magazine.

06 May 2017

Freebies: May 2017 Desktop Wallpapers

Just quick update.
Been doing nothing in Golden Week holiday, and because I have no plans for the weekends also (actually I should go to the eye doctor right now :P) so I made this 4 desktop wallpaper. #productiveweekends lol

Feel free to take the wallpaper you like, but I would be happy if you left a comment :). I also left a small watermark on the pictures, since I took and edited all the pictures by my self but don't worry, the watermark is small and -I hope- not disturbing at all.

02 May 2017

Lazy Morning Routine

Okay, the reason of why I'm write about this is simply because I obsessed by Into The Gloss ITG Top Shelf/Top Shelfie, and love to spent my precious time to binge over -get ready with me-, or morning routine on YouTube, especially the one produced by Glossier, Urban Outifitters or Milk Cosmetics. Because I wont be ITG Top Self or Top Selfie except a miracle happen, I decided to make it my my self. Like people said, fake it 'till you make it. Yeah.

29 April 2017

Lone Hanami

Hitori hanami(一人花見)or simply translated as Lone Hanami, is something that became increasingly common in Japan. While Hanami or Cherry Blossom viewing is part of popular Japanese tradition, mostly by enjoying the 'once a year' beautiful scenery with friends and family lately lots of people starting to do Hanami alone. An article in Huffingtonpost Japan even stated that this year, 16% of people doing hitori hanami. And I probably part of those 16% who enjoyed hitori hanami.

22 March 2017

Run from Reality at Tokyo Disney Sea Pt.2

Tokyo Disney Sea Ship
Pretty night light

*Caution! Pics heavy
I'm back with the part 2 of our run from reality journey at Tokyo Disney Sea yay!
After a low pace attraction like the Disney show and Venetian Gondolas, we want to rise up our adrenaline. Actually, we really want to ride Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror attraction, but both of the attractions are really popular so the waiting line is very very long and we already desperately tired and hungry.